Understanding Predatory Conservatives

Or How Liberals and Progressives Lose The Debate By Understanding

By attempting to use understanding, or to solely use reason to explain their political positions, Progressives, and Liberals loose the debate.

Radical Conservatives, are not trying to understand, they are using Righteous Passion to light the fires of their political rhetoric – the flames of which are meant to burn Progressives and Liberals as heretics at the stake.

Radical Conservatives seek nothing less than to dominate, and eliminate Progressive and Liberal thought from the discourse, in fact they are damn tired of talking and trying to understand; they want action, and they want it now.

Progressives and Liberals will loose this debate because they are trying to understand the world and how to safely fit everybody in it.

Radical Conservative do not suffer this discomfort, they don’t want you in their world, unless you change to fit in theirs, they will do everything in their power to eliminate you and your progressive ideas from even getting a seat at the table.

What’s at the Core Of The Debate?

The Average Conservative or Republican Joe or Jane, has become a tool of the Radical Right.

As Progressives or Liberals, make no mistake, the Average Conservative is not your foe.

At the center of their idea of America is the very powerful notion of Self Sufficiency. Any Progressives attempts to steer the conversation of solutions to Americas problems away from Self Sufficiency is doomed to failure.

For Progressives and Liberals To Effect Change:

They must insist that all social agendas have at their heart an adherence to a philosophy of Personal Self Sufficiency.

Any discrediting of the Far Right must be done on the basis, that actions, mostly by large economic entities are affecting and will continue to negatively affect all Americans ability to adequately take care of themselves.

Looking only to Government to take care of all the ills of its citizenry leads to a breakdown of self sufficiency.

For this writer, the conversation I would like to have with all Americans is:

If Big Government leads to a breakdown of people taking responsibility for their own actions, and erodes the power of their Self Sufficiency, then How Might Big Business create the same effect?


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Is it Intolerance or Extremism That is the Question?

“How many Angels Can Dance On The Head Of a Pin”

My friend Christian Beyer over at Sharp Iron always fights the good fight – asking a lot of interesting questions about religion and politics.

His last two post reflect this: But if you’re a Christian, then what am I? and Alack, those Intolerants!

…although it is nigh onto impossible, how about if we all just dropped it.

It’s all just talk rather than rightful action!

What makes the whole conversation so important, after 2000 years, hasn’t the argument about who is Christian, how to be a Christian, should one be Christian, pretty much been exhausted…

It’s not intolerance of intolerance  that I examine – it’s – How will an extremist position, undermine the larger hive, the greater flock, or the all inclusive communities in which we now live?

Extremism is light years more destructive to the social fabric of our daily lives than intolerance will ever be.

In other words intolerance tends to lead to elements of communal segregation, to a tightening of thought and and it does build themed communities…there are many positives and negatives to this…

But The Angel Dancing on the Other Pin?

Extremism on the other hand, often leads to one community or another, actively plotting to destroy those who are different then they are.

Extremism seeks to do away with “Otherness” in the name of something felt by the extremist to be superior. And if that “Otherness” needs to be destroyed in the process, an extremist sees that destruction to be to the greater good of whatever fantasy they have for how all of us should live.

It is Extremism that should be regarded as Intolerant!

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What will become of your political stategy?

What is the endgame of Intolerance?

While anger is raised in too many to count living rooms across America, and the guns of pundit rhetoric are oiled in basements, and fist are smashed against icons of difference, people if they are honest, thinking and judicious, must ask themselves – What will be the entire outcome of their own political strategies?

If radical conservatives continue to attempt to build an America a’la Glenn Beck, the Tea Party, or Sarah Palin – what then…?

Who would they be in a hurry to exclude from the overall community, who would they go after, which of their neighbors would be the first to be brought before the firing squads of patriotic repercussions…?

Liberals, that’s who…or progressives, or intellectuals…

Conservatives will only be able to do this because Liberals for the most part are so silent, so passive, and worst of all, they are apathetic…

Vehemence leads either to an inward moral collapse, or if unchecked, leads to outward actions that are generally counter productive…

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Are We Asking The Right Question?

To me…

The debate is not about what side of the constitution to drape a flag on, whether or not to believe that a fetus is a child, or the answer to the question, is it a militia or an individual that has the right to bear arms…

These fiery Questions or Stances if you will, are diverting the attention of the American people away from what is truly important and way more immediately dangerous…

To me the question is: What if anything can we as consumers do to force Global Business Interest to act more responsibly, and with conscious, in regard to local agendas…?

Unchecked Global Capitalism is as grave a threat to Democracy as any “Ism” that can be named.

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…And with An Aisle Let Us Divide A Nation…

Let us trample upon what is soft, delicate, and supple – shouting at and twisting to shreds every nuanced meaning, until it is only our words that fill the air, and then let us go after those we disagree with – toppling their icons, and stomp upon the homes of our enemies with righteousness – knowing that we are right, that it is they who are the savages.

Let us dig mass graves of hate and fill them with the bodies of foes until we can redeem ourselves of any complicity. Let us make up that we are the brethren, all that stands between a world gone mad and a mighty god; that we are his soldiers of divinity. Let us affirm here and now that our rules are the only rules, and apply to everyone, always…

Let us compound vile action upon vile action against hard-working but different neighbors; move against their reason, intelligence, and discourse. Let ours be the only voices within the cacophony. Let us ignore the hand of power that indeed guides us, because on the day of “Be With Us” we will find ourselves luxuriating amongst the chosen.

(A poem to guide those who seek to undo, divide and conquer)

Written as a response to a post over at “Whatever Works”

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Conservatives Seem To Have Short Memories

They have forgotten how “Liberals” made the work day so much easier

My questions for conservatives are – who do you think created:

  1. Employer Supplied Health Insurance
  2. Pensions
  3. The 8 Hour Workday
  4. Workplace Safety Rules
  5. Anti-Child Labor Laws
  6. Paid Sick Days
  7. Paid Vacations


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7 Ways To Know If You Are An Extremist

Do you see yourself here? If so, you are not alone…

  1. You identify yourself with a group that you feel has all the right answers, and believe that this group is the ultimate point setter of what is right and wrong.
  2. You are not able to understand how your ideas or beliefs will play out in the larger context of a world with many ideas and beliefs.
  3. Your ideas are exclusive, rather than inclusive.
  4. You use labels such as Socialism, Communism, Marxism, Conservative, Liberal, or the Tea Party to explain the ideas of those you disagree with without ever having really studied these terms.
  5. You do not know how to have your ideas fit in the larger world, without defaming the ideas of others.
  6. You think that it’s all going to come down to you or your group having to shoot your way out of the “Hell hole that society has become.”
  7. You can’t debate an idea from either perspective, because you have no comprehensive understanding of the underpinnings of your opponents belief system.
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